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How does the Heritage Trust Program benefit you and your loved ones?

Funeral Insurance, Estate Planning Trusts1. Peace of Mind is the number one reason people pre fund.

2. Life Insurance benefit is paid income tax-free.

3. It allows you to remove up to $25,000 from estate tax liability.

4. Funds are protected from attachment by creditors, Medicaid, hospitals, lawyers, nursing homes, etc.

5. Unlike other investments (including cash value of traditional life insurance), the Heritage Trust Program will not count as an asset if you enter a nursing home. Your final arrangement costs are taken care of, easing the burden for those you love.

6. The automatic growth rate permits the trust to grow and offset inflation.

7. It allows your loves ones to take comfort in knowing that your funeral reflects your wishes.

8. The Heritage Trust Program is totally portable, providing an unlimited choice of Funeral Homes.

9. 48 hour claim processing pays funeral expenses without probate or other delays. Remaining balance is paid to the estate.

To learn more about how we may enhance your benefit package, please contact us at: mailto:[email protected]