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Cafeteria Plans

With health care costs spiraling out of control, the need to supplement health care coverage with added benefits is quickly becoming a way of work/life for many employers and employees. Cafeteria Plans are the perfect solution for coping with the high cost of medical and dependent care.

Whether you’re an employer looking to offset benefit cutbacks, a consultant, or insurer searching for that perfect solution to help bridge the gap, we can offer you an affordable Cafeteria Plan solution that both employers and employees will appreciate.

A 125 Cafeteria Plan allows employees to pay for their employer-sponsored health, dental, supplemental, and group term life premiums plus set up flexible spending accounts to pay for medical expenses, dependent care expenses, and personally owned health policies with before-tax rather than after-tax dollars. This reduces taxable compensation.

A 125 Cafeteria Plan is a benefit that both employers and employees will appreciate. Why? Because this benefit increases employees’ take-home pay and reduces employer payroll taxes. Both the employers and the employees profit!

Employees benefit by paying less tax and taking home more pay.

Employers benefit:

  • by paying less payroll taxes
  • by increasing the effciency of payroll dollars… by getting more money into employees’ take-home pay without having to increase their gross pay
  • A cafeteria plan is the simplest and most economical form of flexible benefits that can be offered by a Plan Sponsor

To learn more about how we may enhance your organizations benefit package, please contact us at [email protected]

SFB offers four ways to administer a Cafeteria Plan: